The first online zazendrawings happened on August 14th, click here to read about it.

Workshops on zen meditation, Zazen, and drawing. They have been held in several places. In public spaces like Praça do Pôr do Sol, Paulista Avenue, parking lot of Pacaembú Stadium, all in São Paulo. And also in private spaces like in São Paulo at the Templo da Comunidade Zendo Brasil and at Dojo Harmonia, in Rio de Janeiro at Zendo Rio RJ, and in Pirenópolis at Avoar Bookstore.

Periods of meditation and observation drawing are alternated, paying attention to how the two together broaden the perception and experience of the present moment. Learning to draw is learning to observe what we see, and not what we think. And the practice of meditation also makes us see reality as it really is, seeing ourselves more clearly.