Engetsu Carolina Lefèvre, designer, illustrator, traveler and Zen Buddhist. She left São Paulo in 2013 to travel and practice in Zen Centers in the United States, Mexico and Central America. She lived for 4 years at the San Francisco Zen Center, including 2 years at the Tassajara monastery in the mountains of California. He did a lot of zazen, trained people in the instruments and organized retreats as Ino (head of the meditation hall). Now in Brazil for Pandemia, he is combining his talents and passions.

Gassho, I’m Engetsu, I’m happy you are here.

I believe that in the world we live in, zen and art are revolutionary. Getting off the autopilot and being creative help us to create other possibilities in life. This site is my way of being of service to these values, offering my meditation practice, my drawing, my art, and my reflections on what I have learned. I hope it can help those who pass through here.

I am a curious person who likes bridges and intersections. Three things are very important to me, zen, art and trI am a curious person who likes bridges and intersections. Three things are very important to me, zen, art and traveling and experiencing new ways of being in the world. And although they may seem like 3 separate things they are intrinsically linked for me.

I have always drawn, I studied architecture and during the course I took watercolor classes. I participated in exhibitions for young artists but ended up leaving the artistic activity aside. I worked with architecture and didn’t like it, so I changed to design, which I liked better, but I didn’t like to spend my days locked up in the office.

Zen came to me at a time when I was coming out of a separation and also realizing my angst at thinking I had to be perfect. Sitting in Zazen reconnected me with a desire to draw and observe things. My interest kept turning more and more to zen and in 2013 I decided to bundle up my São Paulo life and go out to practice Zen and travel around the United States, Mexico and Central America. This adventure unfolded in many ways and I ended up deepening my relationship with the Zen Center in San Francisco, where I lived in the city for two one year periods and at the Tassajara Monastery for 2 years.

Due to my dedication to the practice, I occupied leadership positions. In San Francisco I was “Ino,” which is who organizes the ceremonies, the retreats, trains people on the instruments. Two things I liked very much, one was to welcome people, especially beginners, and make them feel welcome, and the other was to deal with this aspect of the sacred.

In 2020 I came to spend 3 months in Brazil when the pandemic caught up with me here and because of its continuation I could not return to San Francisco. I am writing in August 2021 and for now I am still here. But that’s ok, the practice of zen is about how we live in the present moment and in that moment comes the opportunity to bring different parts of my life and to understand myself fully, zen and art, Brazil and the United States, inside and outside the monastery.