Zencontros • Zencounters


I meet you, you meet me, we Zenmeet each other. Maybe Zencounter would be a better pun, but it does not work in English in the same way as in Portuguese. In English encounter can be also a duel, right? Not in Portuguese and not here in my “Zencontros”, the meaning is zen meetings, do share our zen practice and beyond our zen practice.

These are conversations that will take place periodically on Zoom, with a guest and people will be able to watch and participate. We will talk about the formal practice of Zen, life in the monasteries as well as about the practice in our daily life and the relationship between Zen and other areas that have an affinity.

This week the first Zencontros took place, with my friend José Bueno, aikidoca for 36 years, social architect, watercolorist and my colleague from Nudesenhos, an art collective of live model.

Bueno talked about his enchantment when he met Aikido, which is a practice of cultivating harmony. On how to be more flexible, learn to fall and not see the other as an enemy. We talked about observation, seeing reality as it is and how creativity comes from this open mind that sees and lets itself be affected by the world.

It was a very good meeting, in that moment of so many things happening at the same time and now, it was a pause, being present and together.

I draw, you draw. A sketch of me done by José Bueno and one of him that I did, part of our meetings with the Nudesenhos.

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