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I’m writing from inside my house, you are reading me from inside your house,  we are isolated and together, in this moment we are one. It started there in China, it seemed to be so far, but it was coming, Italy was already closer and suddenly it was already here. On one hand we are isolated, on the other hand we are together, all of us experiencing social confinement.

It’s a very difficult time, thousands of people have already died or will die, in addition to the disease itself, the uncertainty generates anxiety and fear. But there are also positive aspects, the Venice canals are green again, the Chinese sky has cleared from polution and more turtles have been born safely on the beaches in Pernambuco, notheast of Brazil.

Many people and organizations are providing knowledge, classes, meditations online and for free. And I personally also felt this need to share more of my experience with Zen Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga and art and to make that bridge between people. My blog Entrezen was left aside in the last few months, now it’s time to shake off the dust and make it more available. Because we are all going through a retreat now and we can take this moment as an opportunity.

Online Zen Practice:


Zendo Brasil – facebook ou http://www.zendobrasil.org – in Portuguese

Estados Unidos

São Francisco Zen Center

SFZC – Every week day in the mornings, starting 5:50 AM and afternoons 5:30PM and on Saturday zazen 6:30AM and 9:30 AM there is a Dharma Talk at 10AM.


Brooklyn Zen Center – NYC

Zazen starts at 7:15 AM



The singer Snatam Kaur is sharing a healing mantra on her facebook page and ofering online classes.

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