IN BETWEEN Indicates intermediate place or space. It points out what is in the midst of multiple things or people. Expresses reciprocity, relationship.

ZEN means meditation, full attention in the present moment.

What is this site about?

This is a way for me to explore the space – my space – “in between”. I have spent my last 7 years in between the United Stades and Brazil, living in a Monastery and finding new ways to practice zen with people. And doing my art as a zen practice and practicing zen in creative ways.

I will share my art and my reflections on zen practice. In addition It will include inviting people to write posts about their zen practices or the way they conect art and zen. Sharing different realities as a way to build bridges and expand the Sanga or the Buddhist community.

And this site itself is a way to practice and to find my place. Dogen in the Genjokoan says: “When you find your place where you are, practice occurs, actualizing the fundamental point”.

Engetsu Carolina Lefèvre

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